Our Staff

ERA has Professional Structural Engineers who are registered in all 50 states, and provide services internationally. 

St. Paul

Adam Lindberg PE, LEED AP Principal
Ashley LeMay Marketing Coordinator
Brent Nygaard Sr. Structural Designer/Modeler
Brett Notvedt PE, LEED AP Principal
Brian Riewestahl PE, SE Project Manager
Chris Timm PE Professional Engineer
Christopher Redman PE Project Manager
Cole Fisher PE Professional Engineer
Cory Bjorkstrand Sr. Structural Designer/Modeler
Dale Heldt Structural Designer/Modeler
Dan Goerger PE, LEED AP Professional Engineer
David Och PE Sr. Professional Engineer
Davis Ninnemann Sr. Structural Designer/Modeler
Doug Hafften Sr. Associate
Dwayne Watson Gutierrez EIT Engineer-in-Training
Greg McCool PE Associate
Jack Maghrak EIT Engineer-in-Training
Jamie Richardson Senior Partner
Jesse Gunderson Structural Designer/Modeler
Joe Speltz Lead Structural Designer/Modeler
John Gervais PE, SE Professional Engineer
John Lyrenmann PE, SE Professional Engineer
John Madden PE, LEED AP Partner
Jonathan Montoya EIT Engineer-in-Training
Joe Lehnertz EIT Engineer-in-Training
Justin Febbo Structural Designer/Modeler
Kaden Ng EIT Engineer-in-Training
Kasper Yang Structural Designer/Modeler
Kathy Hafften Lead Structural Designer/Modeler
Katie Olson PE Associate
Katie Wheeler Structural Designer/Modeler
Kevin Andrews PE Professional Engineer
Lorie Gleason Lead Structural Designer/Modeler
Marcus Cannon PE Professional Engineer
Marshall Abrahamson PE Sr. Professional Engineer
Matt Kahle PE Associate
Matt Saltness Structural Designer/Modeler
Michael Steenson PE President
Michele Ramler Associate
Nathan Williams EIT Engineer & Structural Designer/Modeler
Nick Engling PE Project Manager
Paul M. Bakke PE Associate
Ramzi Labbane PE Professional Engineer
Ray Ringer Tech Support Specialist
Rebecca Gordon PE Associate
Rose Milavitz PE Professional Engineer
Ryan Mooney Principal
Ryan Nyberg Associate
Ryan S. Bonniwell PE, SE Partner
Scott Schultz Structural Designer/Modeler
Shannon Bryant Accounting Assistant
Stephen J. Clark PE, SE Senior Partner
Tim Morey PE Sr. Associate
Tom Lawton PE Professional Engineer
Tom Nelson Lead Structural Designer/Modeler
Tomas Miguieles EIT Engineer-in-Training
Tracy Hanson Sr. Project Coordinator
Zack Nellermoe EIT Engineer
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