ER-POST - Precast Concrete Truss

ER-POST Bookman Stacks

This patented system utilizes precast prestressed concrete truss that support two levels simultaneously. The trusses span approximately 70' and are spaced at 40+ o.c. allowing for large bays.

The alternate levels are wide open with no structural elements, allowing complete flexibility in layout of interior walls and partitions. Parking levels having column free spaces realize increase capacity by approximately 15%. High fire ratings and sound transmission are inherent in this system.

The Bookmen Stacks project (pictured right) is nine stories, 90,000 square feet and the structure was erected in four weeks.

ER-POST - Concrete Truss Advantages

The ER-POST™ system provides many advantages including both the speed of construction and the ability for your project to be column free on the interior

ER-POST - Building a Concrete Truss

See how the erection of our precast concrete truss system known as the ER-POST™ is built through various stages in the construction process


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