Wayzata Bay Center: A Case Study

Wayzata Bay Center: A Case Study | Wayzata, MN

ERA is providing the structural engineering services for the Superior Block, North Block, and West Block Buildings of the Wayzata Bay Center Development in Wayzata, MN.

The development consists of a five block area of senior apartments, assisted living, memory care, care center and market apartments. Many amenities are also available: a pool, a movie theater, chapels, retail space and a grocery store. All buildings are post-tensioned concrete with some areas supporting multiple levels of wood framing or a single level of light gauge construction.

A unique aspect of this project is that all interior roads on the development are structured using post-tensioned concrete and were designed with emergency vehicle access in mind. Each road has the ability to support three trucks, side by side by side. Additionally, these roads and all other exposed concrete utilize snow melt technology, for the safety of the seniors who will be living in the community.

Two below grade infiltration basins created under the roadway form a “near zero run-off” district, where 99% of the precipitation will be captured, treated and infiltrated into the local ground water.  Concrete detention vaults, also located under the internal roadway, will provide about 420,000 gallons of temporary storage capacity. All o f the structures will be supported on steel pipe piles driven approximately 120’ deep into the ground which will serve a dual purpose of support as well as being fully geothermal for heating and cooling. All of the parking is located within the structures and each of the buildings is connected by a skyway.

The site and building geometry were very complex, presenting significant structural challenges. The roofs of each building also contain a complex layout of varying ridges, slopes and interior vaulted spaces that needed to be incorporated into the design. Additionally, the city had specific rules regarding restrictions on the height of the buildings that ERA had to take into account during the initial selection of the structural system.

ERA provided a complete Revit® (BIM) model of the entire development for the contractor’s use in construction.

Superior Block Building

  • A new 309,000 SF senior housing complex
  • Including 64,000 SF of below grade parking
  • With 30,400 SF of retail and parking at the first level
  • Additional parking is provided at the mezzanine level above the first floor
  • 91 senior housing units occupy the upper three floors

West Block Building

  • 364,004 SF, four level, combination senior housing and market apartments
  • 50,564 SF of below grade parking
  • 82,868 SF of retail and parking at the first level
  • Additional parking is provided at the mezzanine level above the first floor
  • Senior housing, market apartments, a loft and a market club room occupy the upper three levels

North Block Building

  • 305,000 SF, five level, senior housing complex
  • 71,000 SF of below grade parking
  • A conservatory, library, pool, salon, gym, chapel, theater and auditorium occupy the first level
  • 160 independent living, assisted living, memory care and care center housing units occupy upper levels
  • Cast-in-place concrete building with top level light gauge steel framing and trusses

Internal Roadway

  • 57,000 SF pile supported internal roadway system
  • Designed to meet highway and emergency vehicle loading
  • All utilities are pile supported or supported by roadway structure
  • Incorporates two below grade precast concrete infiltration basins to manage site runoff

Team Members

Owner: Presbyterian Homes

Architect: Insite Architects

General Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson


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