Mariucci Arena

Mariucci Arena | Minneapolis, MN:

  • ERA reviewed the existing 1992 U of M Mariucci Arena roof framing for the new 20,000 pound suspended score board. 
  • The roof trusses for the U of M Hockey Arena span approximately 240 feet. 
  • They are constructed of steel wide flange members for the truss chords and web members. 
  • The offset hoist platform was also reviewed to withstand the increased score board hoist loading.

 Williams Arena | Minneapolis, MN:

  • ERA provided the structural review and reinforcement design for the main trusses and elevated platform supporting the new 20,000 pound U of M Williams Arena Scoreboard
  • The existing structure of the 1928 U of M Basketball Arena and Field House consists of steel 3-hinged arch trusses spread approximately 30 feet apart. 
  • These large trusses which carry the roof, scoreboard, and balconies, span 270 feet and have a vertical dimension to top pin of 100 feet. 
  • All of the chord and web members were Bethlehem shapes. 
  • Additional steel plates were utilized to reinforce the existing trusses to allow more capacity to carry the score board. 
  • The suspended hoist platform was reinforced to withstand the new scoreboard load.

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