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Structural Engineering Leaders

ERA Structural Engineering (formerly Ericksen Roed & Associates) provides full service structural engineering services for all facility types across Minneapolis, St. Paul and nationally. Our professionals meet scheduled delivery dates with quality documents and innovative design.



ER-POST - Awaiting Plank

The truss is in its final position and awaits the top and bottom chord precast plank to complete the floor system.

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ER-POST - Building Shell

The top level trusses are in position. The floors of the levels below are in place. The erection system is repetitive which allows the building shell to be completed quickly, a major advantage in Minnesota construction.

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“…I just wanted to commend your staff…on the great job they did…[they were] very accommodating and engaged in the project. Calls were received in a timely manner and answers to questions were prompt and concise. As a result, the project was a pleasure to work on…I look forward to working with [your staff] in the future.”
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